Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Member Benefits and Services

Besides advocacy, public awarenes, and educational activities of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, many other member benefits and services* are available. Using just a few of them will more than cover annual membership dues. 

Services/Benefits offered by the Academy of Medicine of Medicine of Cincinnati

Cincinnati Medicine Digest
Credentials Keepers
MedChek Credentialing
Medical Directory of Greater Cincinnati
Online Physician Locator 
Physician Referral Service
Travel and Special Events

Corporate Connections

Companies in the Corporate Connections Program are preferred partners of the
Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati
and offer exclusive services or benefits to members. 

DocBookMD (HIPAA-compliant messaging with multi-media collaboration on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device)
Contact: Chad Scheper
Phone: 512-383-5822
Email: chad@docbookmd.com
Website: DocBookMD.com

DocbookMD is an exclusive HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices and is also available on the web. Designed by and for physicians it creates a secure community to share patient information and collaborate with medical colleagues. By using DocbookMD, physicians can now send HIPAA-secure text messages bundled with photos of X-rays and EKGs. All the information is at a physician’s fingertips, resulting in faster and richer discussions on patient treatment and care. Also, with local physician and pharmacy directories built in, the time physicians spend finding colleagues or tracking down a local pharmacy is cut from hours to minutes.

Academy member benefit: Free

Doc Halo
Contact: Cliff McClintick
Phone: 855-362-4256
Email: cmcclintick@dochalo.com
Website: www.dochalo.com

Doc Halo is a secure communications company that makes mobile apps for health care organizations both small and large. Our product offers seamless communications with call center, staff, and other physicians on your mobile device.

Academy member benefit: 50% discount.

Diversified Brokerage Specialists, Inc. (Long Term Care Insurance/Disability Insurance)
Contact: Jeff Mohr
Phone: 513-621-9650
Fax: 513-621-0677
Email: jmohr@dbs50.com
Website: www.dbs50.com

Diversified Brokerage Specialists is a life, disability, annuity, and long-term care insurance brokerage firm with 70 years of service in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Academy member benefit: Price savings on insurance products.

Click here to get a free Term Life quote.

Greater Cincinnati Health Council Group Purchasing Program
Contact: Mary Duffey
Phone: 513-878-2862
Email: mduffey@gchc.org
Website: www.gchc.org/group-purchasing/benefits/

The Council’s group purchasing program, which covers a wide variety of products and services, aims to help members save money and enhance their ability to deliver better care. Members of the Health Council’s group purchasing program enjoy the combined buying power of more than 170 hospital, nursing, physician group and private residential home-bed facilities.

Academy member benefit: Significant cost savings on the purchase of a wide variety of products and services.

HealthTrans Access (discount prescription program for brand name and generic medications)
Phone: 888-277-3911
Email: discountprograms@healthtrans.com
Website: http://discount.prescriptiondiscount123.com/?gid=HTA211

HealthTrans is a free Discount Prescription Card program that saves patients an average of 16% on brand name drugs and 55% on generics. The program is available at more than 60,000 participating pharmacies.

Academy member benefit: Free to Academy members, their families, and staff members

Positive Business Solutions, Inc. (IT Support/Services)
Contact: Ray Cool
Phone: 513-772-2255
Fax: 513-772-0827
Email: rayc@pbsinet.com
Website: www.pbsinet.com

PBSI is a healthcare-focused technology services company, serving hundreds of physicians in the Tri-State area for more than 31 years. PBSI provides technology services, hardware, software, and IT knowledge support, regardless of what software a practice uses.

Academy member benefit: All technology services discounted for Academy members, including Dragon Medical integration (with any HER), general IT services (onsite and/or online assistance), online PC/security monitoring, VoIP phone systems, and PBSI-EHR (“Off the Charts!). 

Magazine Program/Subscription Services
Contact: Allen Greenbaum
Phone: 800-289-6247
Fax: 516-676-6926
Email: OMA@buymags.com
Website: www.buymags.com/AMC

Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati Magazine program offers more that 1,000 titles to choose from. Purchase new subscriptions or renew, even if initially ordered elsewhere. The Magazine Program offers a “meet or beat” price structure and prides itself on its customer service.

Academy member benefit: Discounted rates (average of 67% off cover, 50% off usual subscription rates) not available to the general public. Special prices are for physicians’ offices, reception areas, and personal use only. 

Additional outside services/benefits offered to members
Banking Services (Northside Bank & Trust)
Cincinnati Zoo Online Ticket Discount  
Credit Card Processing (OMEGA Processing Solutions)
Debt Collection (IC System)
HCFA 1500 Forms
OSMA Insurance/The Doctors Company
Telephone/Internet Support/Services (Windstream)

*The Academy of Medicine does not endorse products or offer exclusive arrangements.