Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Staff - Academy of Medicine

7265 Kenwood Road, Suite 315
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Phone: 513-421-7010
Fax: 513-721-4378

Natalie Peterson
Executive Director
513-421-7010 ext. 333


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Serves on Academy Foundation Board and Academy Council
  • Official spokesperson for the Academy of Medicine along with the Academy President
  • Represents the Academy of Medicine on a number of community boards
  • Staffs the Constitution & Bylaws, Judicial, Program, Travel & Special Events, and Joint Academy/Bar committees
  • Oversees financial management and membership activities
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Plans continuing medical educational activities and regular programs

Nancy Coomer
Assistant Executive Director
513-421-7010 ext. 307


  • Provides staff support for the Academy Foundation of Cincinnati
  • Coordinates activities of the First District Delegation
  • Editor of the Medical Directory of Greater Cincinnati
  • Staffs the Emergency & Disaster Services and PreHospital Care Operations Committees

Pamela Fairbanks
Communications Director
513-421-7010 ext. 311


  • Editor of the Academy’s quarterly publication Cincinnati Medicine Digest
  • Responsible for advertising and marketing for Cincinnati Medicine Digest and for the Medical Directory of Greater Cincinnati
  • Coordinates the Academy's email communications and social media accounts

Jeannette Houston
Finance Manager
513-421-7010 ext. 321


  • Financial management for the Academy and Academy Foundation
  • Administrative support to medical specialty societies