Message from Executive Director

Natalie Peterson

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Message from Executive Director Natalie Peterson

Making the Local Physican Community Stonger in the 21st Century

Academy of Medicine Executive DirectorThe Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, founded in 1857, has a rich history in the Cincinnati community. The Academy exists to organize, represent, advocate for, and serve physicians of Greater Cincinnati. Over the past several years, we experienced a decline in membership but are now seeing renewed interest with more and more physicians either joining or re-joining their local medical society. They see the importance of one voice – a common place where physicians can express their opinions to help make the physician community stronger and bring about change. Whether you are an employed or an independent physician, most face the same struggles … EHR, burnout, legislative issues, MACRA-changes to physician reimbursement, uncertain practice environment, challenges with patients, increasing workload, maintenance of certification, etc.

As we move forward, the Academy is concentrating on five key areas: physician wellness focusing on prevention and education; political and professional advocacy; dispute resolution/legal practices as they relate to physician wellness; educational activities; and social activities for members and their families. Workgroups of physician members are forming to address these initiatives and implement plans.

In 2018, the Academy will be publishing its Medical Directory of Greater Cincinnati. This will be a two-year edition. Historically, hospital systems and physician offices have used the Directory extensively as a referral source. All Academy members will be listed in the Directory.
Additionally, the Academy offers its members cost-saving benefits at car dealerships, entertainment venues, restaurants, the arts, and much more. All members can take advantage of these benefits, which can offset your dues investment.

If you are a current member, I encourage you to get involved in your local medical society. If you’re interested in being a part of a workgroup or have a suggestion, please contact me. For those that are visiting our website for the first time, welcome, and for those thinking about joining the Academy, I encourage you to do so. Talk to a fellow physician about the Academy or contact our office at 513-421-7010.

Please help us restore your local medical society – which has been around for more than a century – to a place of prominence in our community!

Natalie Peterson