Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award

Recognizes Living Academy Members Contributions


Humanitarian Award

Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award

daniel drake The Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award was established by the Academy Foundation in 1986 to provide recognition to living physician members of the Academy of Medicine who have given generously of themselves to their patients and the community in which they live. Nominees must have demonstrated a history of keen awareness and selfless dedication to the needs of others.

  • Letters of nomination, along with humanitarian information about the physician being nominated, should be submitted to the Academy Foundation no later than June 1
  • The award is presented at the Academy of Medicine’s annual meeting in the fall of each year

Previous Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award Recipients:

  • 2017 - Steve Kleeman, MD
  • 2016 - Carol Egner, MD
  • 2015 - David Wiltse, MD & Creighton Wright, MD
  • 2014 - Marc Alexander, MD  S. Nemat Moussavian, MD
  • 2013 - Molly Katz, MD
  • 2012 - Donald Nofziger, MD
  • 2008 - William Gates, MD
  • 2006 - Lawrence Kurtzman, MD
  • 2002 - Walter Bowers II, MD
  • 2001 - William Gerhardt, MD

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