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Credentialing process got you down? 

medical crop 350How much time and money do you and your practice spend on the credentialing process? Are your staff members being pulled away from their primary responsibilities to meet credentialing regulations? 

Credentials Keepers can help.

Credentials Keepers, a service founded in 2003 by of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and endorsed by the Ohio State Medical Association, is designed to organize and maintain all information needed to process applications, renewals, and re-appointments. Our service will save you both time and money while freeing your staff to do the job they were hired to do. Credentialing and provider enrollment is paramount to a successful practice. The quicker providers are enrolled in a plan or government program, the quicker they can be reimbursed. Simply stated, if you are not credentialed, you can’t get enrolled, and you can’t get paid. 

Credentials Keepers can provide one, some, or all of the services listed below: 
  • Complete payer enrollment application for network participation in health care plans, managed care plans, and government plans;
  • Complete reappointments, re-enrollments, renewals, re-certifications, and/or revalidations for health care plans, managed care plans, government plans, and hospitals;
  • Complete initial application for hospital privileges;
  • Obtain, create, and maintain CAQH ProView provider application and re-attest every 120 days;
  • Apply for NPI numbers for practitioner or group;
  • Update group or provider’s demographic changes to hospitals, managed care plans, and, government plans (some government plans require this completed within 30 days); and/or
  • Terminate providers from the group’s plans.

Credentials Keepers is here to provide the services you need most and can customize a plan to fit those needs. Whatever standards your practice, group, or organization uses for re-appointment will be followed. In addition, Credentials Keepers is an agent of the National Practitioner Data Bank, and therefore, can query and retrieve reports on your behalf. 

Credentials Keepers prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. When working with new or existing providers, Credentials Keepers communicates directly with a client’s designated contact to obtain all documents and information needed to complete the credentialing process – start to finish, with status updates along the way. As a component of a local county medical society, Credentials Keepers is sensitive to the unique need of medical professionals and their staff members. The Credentials Keepers staff maintains a working knowledge and understanding of the requirements and standards related to the enrollment process, and applies that knowledge daily for its clients. 

At Credentials Keepers, credentialing is our main focus. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our professional staff provides efficient, accurate, and cost-effective service to all of our clients. Additionally, rest assured that all information is securely protected through both our state-of-the-art software and signed confidentiality statements.

With all the variables associated with the credentialing process, it is nearly impossible to provide strict time frames for the enrollment process; however, on average, in-network enrollment with major insurers takes anywhere from 90 to 120 days, while enrollment in government plans can take up to 180 days. Our staff strives to get clients the best turnaround time possible. Credentials Keepers pricing is very competitive and is based on the needs of the individual client. 

Credentials Keepers is here to facilitate the credentialing and enrollment process for its clients.

Whether local, regional, or national, Credentials Keepers can help you, your group, and your staff. If you would like more information, please contact MedChek/Credentials Keepers Director Theresa Adkins, CPCS, at 513-721-4377, ext. 319 or email