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Karl C. Golnik, MD

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Medical School: John Hopkins University
Specialty: Ophthalmology

Board Certification: Ophthalmology
Residency:University Of Virginia06/01/87 to 06/01/90
Hospital:University of Cincinnati Hospital to
Residency:Johns Hopkins Hospital06/01/90 to 06/01/91
Residency:Medical University of South Carolina06/01/91 to
Hospital:Good Samaritan to
Hospital:St. Elizabeth to
Hospital:Children's Hospital Medical Center to
Hospital:Jewish Hospital to

Offices: 1945 CEI Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Ph: (513) 984-5133
F: (513) 936-4893

Medical Arts Bldg. #1700
222 Piedmont Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Ph: (513) 475-7758
F: (513) 475-7369


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