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Thomas R. Kiefhaber, MD

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Medical School: University Of Cincinnati
Specialty: Hand Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery
Board Certification: Orthopaedic Surgery

Hand Surgery
Hospital:Mercy Anderson to
Hospital:Middletown to
Hospital:Clermont Mercy to
Residency:University Of Cincinnati to
Residency:Indiana Center for Surgery to
Hospital:Bethesda Hospital to
Hospital:Good Samaritan to
Hospital:Deaconess to
Hospital:Bethesda North to

Offices: 10700 Montgomery Rd. #150
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Ph: (513) 961-4263
F: (513) 961-1503

538 Oak St. #200
Cincinnati, OH 45219
Ph: (513) 961-4263
F: (513) 699-1434


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