Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Filing a Complaint

Try talking to your doctor first.

In the course of your relationship with your doctor, you may find at some time that you are dissatisfied with the treatment you have received. What then? A frank and open discussion with your physician is often the best means of resolving the problem. Present the specifics of your complaint; then listen to the explanation. You may find the problem is simply a misunderstanding that can be cleared up by talking it over.

The Academy Can Help

If, however, you are unable to settle your difficulty with your physician, the Academy of Medicine’s Judicial Committee provides a forum where complaints against Academy members can be heard by physician peers.

Follow these steps if you wish to file a formal grievance against your doctor:

1. Call the Academy Executive Office, (513) 421-7010, or check the online directory, to determine if the physician is a member. The Academy is unable to review complaints against non-member physicians.

2. Submit your concerns in a letter, either typed or printed or by sending an e-mail. Limit the length of your letter to three pages maximum.

3. Provide the doctor’s full name.

4. Include your name, address, phone number, and the time of day you can be reached at that number.

5. Send your letter to the Judicial Committee, Academy of Medicine, 7265 Kenwood Road, Suite 315, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236, or e-mail it to academy@academyofmedicine.org.

After your grievance is received at the Academy, you will be mailed a form which requires your signature. This authorizes the release of information in your medical records to the committee for its investigation.

All complaints are reviewed, and you will receive an answer in writing.