Staff & Directions

Meet the Academy of Medicine Staff:

Jessica Sellar

Executive Director

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Serves on the Academy Foundation Board and Academy Council
  • Official spokesperson for the Academy of Medicine along with the Academy President
  • Represents the Academy of Medicine at meetings of healthcare organizations and other community events
  • Oversees financial management and membership activities
  • Coordinates Academy's Physician Wellness effort

Nancy Coomer

Assistant Executive Director

  • Provides staff support for the Academy Foundation of Cincinnati
  • Coordinates activities for the Cincinnati ENT and OB/GYN societies
  • Staffs the EDS/PHCOC Committees
  • Assists with planning of programs and social activities

Tricia Stethem

Membership Coordinator

  • Handles all questions, information, and requests regarding memberships
  • Maintains and updates membership records & database information
  • Data input and reporting
  • Assists with recruitment and development of Member Benefits and Discounts
  • Assists with planning and recruitment of sponsorships for events and programs

Shelley Foy

Finance Assistant

  • Assists with accounting and finance related tasks
  • Assists with office related administrative functions

Spencer Singh

Project Coordinator

  • Provides support for Ohio State Neurosurgical Society
  • Coordinates Academy of Medicine strategic growth projects and tasks
  • Assists with management of administrative functions


Stop by the Academy of Medicine 

Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati
4243 Hunt Road, Suite 410
Cincinnati, OH 45242


For more information regarding directions to the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, call 513-421-7010.