Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Who We Are

AMAC: Physicians’ Spouses
Dedicated to the Health of the Community

In October of 1940, 37 physicians’ spouses first organized under the name "The Women’s Auxiliary to the Hamilton County Medical Society." While fostering social contact among its original, exclusively female, members, the group assumed the role of ombudsman for Cincinnati’s medical community. The organization’s first outreach to the people of Cincinnati involved establishing a Red Cross Unit of 20 members.

Over the next 70 years the organization developed as not only a wonderful social and support group for physicians’ spouses, but even more impressively as an effective catalyst for community health education and services. During its expansion to over 300 members, the group’s identity also evolved. A name change reflected it’s allegiance to the Cincinnati Academy of Medicine, shed the appendage "Women’s" (as spouses of female physicians were welcomed into membership), and adopted the label "Alliance" (acknowledging its significant role as more than just an "auxiliary").

AMAC community activities have always been in the forefront of health education and health services. Alliance volunteers were pioneers in the promotion of breast self-examination education and the utilization of infant and child automotive restraints. In 1965, AMAC founded Apple Tree, one of the first day care centers in the area and designed exclusively for the children of healthcare workers. In 1990, an endowment fund was begun to sponsor Annual Scholarships for financially challenged but promising college students pursuing Cincinnati health careers. AMAC’s joint efforts with the YWCA of Cincinnati have contributed to the creation of the Alice Paul House and additional resources in targeting domestic violence. AMAC has also sponsored "Bullies & Victims," an anti-bulling program targeting local schools. Currently, AMAC is providing support for "First Step Home," a community program that works to help women overcome addictions while keeping the family intact.

The physicians’ spouses who volunteer as members of the AMAC are poised to continue promoting community-wide health education and services into the next century and to continue fostering internal bonds of friendship and support as they serve Greater Cincinnati.