Saturday, October 25, 2014
2012-2013 Academy Council

The Academy Council is the governing body of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati.  It meets the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of July and August.  Meetings are open to Academy members; reservations are required.

Executive Committee
James Sosnowski, MD, President — Inaugural Address 
Peter Kambelos, MD, President-Elect
Thomas Lamarre, Jr., MD, Secretary
Andrew Markiewitz, MD, Treasurer 
Robyn Chatman, MD, Immediate Past President
Donna Gilliam, Executive Director

Sherif Awadalla, MD
Carol Egner, MD
Richard Fries, MD
Matthew Hardin, MD
Lawrence Holditch, MD
Rajbir Minhas, MD 
Emmett O’Neal, MD
Gregory Rouan, MD
Barbara Tobias, MD
Regina Whitfield-Kekessi, MD

Advisory Members
Thomas DeWitt, MD, Children's Hospital Medical Center
Frank Froehlich, MD, Retired Physician
Chris Paprzycki, MD, Resident Physicians
David Henkel, Medical Student Representative
Marvin Rorick, MD, OSMA Political Action Committee
Kris Ramprasad, MD, Ohio State Medical Board

First District Delegation to Ohio State Medical Association
(Hamilton County Delegates/Alternates)

Robyn Chatman, MD, Councilor

Esly Caldwell, MD
Bryan Ellis, DO
Richard Fries, MD
Matthew Hardin, MD
Peter Kambelos, MD
Molly Katz, MD
Margaret LeMasters, MD
Andrew Markiewitz, MD
Rajbir Minhas, MD
Marvin Rorick, MD
Suzanne Sampang, MD
James Sosnowski, MD
Regina Whitfield-Kekessi, MD

Alternate Delegates:
Alex Bingcang, DO
Jennifer Cafardi, MD
Brett Coldiron, MD
Rachael Coleman, MD
Frank Froehlich, MD
Roslyn Kade, MD
Eric Kuhn, MD
Margaret LeMasters, MD
Lana Long, MD
Donald Nofziger, MD
Gregory Rouan, MD