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Staff - Academy of Medicine

Meet the Academy of Medicine Staff

7265 Kenwood Road, Suite 315
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Phone: 513-421-7010
Fax: 513-721-4378

Natalie Peterson
Executive Director
513-421-7010 ext. 333

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Serves on Academy Foundation Board and Academy Council
  • Official spokesperson for the Academy of Medicine along with the Academy President
  • Represents the Academy of Medicine at meetings of health care organizations and other community events
  • Oversees financial management and membership activities
  • Coordinates Academy's Physician Wellness effort

Nancy Coomer

Assistant Executive Director
513-421-7010 ext. 307

  • Provides staff support for the Academy Foundation of Cincinnati
  • Coordinates activities for the Cincinnati ENT and OB/GYN societies
  • Staffs the EDS/PHCOC Committees
  • Assists with planning of programs and social activities

Pam Fairbanks
Communications Director
513-421-7010 ext. 311

  • Editor of the Academy’s publications Cincinnati Medicine Digest and News Briefs
  • Responsible for advertising in the Digest, News Briefs, and website.
  • Manages Academy email communications and social media accounts
  • Designs and coordinates Academy and affiliate corporations print materials 
  • Facilitates website changes and updates
  • Assists with planning of programs and social activities

Tricia Stethem
Memebership Coordinator
513-421-7010, ext. 318

  • Handles all questions, information, and requests regarding memberships
  • Maintains and updates membership records & database information
  • Data input and reporting
  • Assists with recruitment and development of Member Benefits and Discounts
  • Assists with recruitment of sponsorships for events and programs