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History & Overview of the Academy Foundation

Drake Foundation Award 2017The Academy Foundation (originally called the Medical Foundation of Cincinnati) began as a group of local physicians, organized in 1957, for the purpose of developing a medical exposition as part of a program commemorating the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati’s centennial in that same year. So much interest was shown in the exhibit that the group remained together, hoping to establish a permanent exhibit for the city of Cincinnati. 

The scope of the Foundation’s interest broadened to a concern in the general area of community health problems. Its members became interested in initiating and promoting projects for making health education and a wide range of health services more readily available to a greater number of people. As the interests of the Foundation expanded, so did its appeal to public-spirited people in both medical and non-medical fields. Therefore, it petitioned for incorporation and was approved in 1960.

At the time of its incorporation, the purposes of the Foundation were listed as follows:

  1. To carry on the work of the Foundation, not for profit but exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes. 
  2. To undertake, promote, and carry on charitable, scientific, literary, or educational work. 
  3. To establish and maintain charitable, scientific, literary, or educational agencies or institutions. 
  4. To make donations, gifts, contributions, and loans out of its annual net income or assets to any individuals or projects for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, for the care of the sick, aged, helpless, or needy men, women, or children, for the alleviation of human suffering, and for the advancement of knowledge and learning.

Also in 1960, the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati purchased the building in which it was located at 320-322 Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio, and gave it to the Foundation with the sole restriction being that the property be used only to promote the health of the community. (The building was sold in 2004, and the Academy of Medicine and Academy Foundation offices are now located in Kenwood.) 

Currently, Foundation grants are given to 501 (c) (3) organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area in the following broad medical categories:

  • Emergency Care
  • Child/Elderly Welfare
  • Public Health
  • Education/Communication for the public
  • Education and training for health care professionals
  • Research (applied and basic)

In addition to providing grants, the Foundation recognizes living Academy physician members for their humanitarian efforts on behalf of patients and/or the community through it's Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award, which was established in 1986. And in 2017, the Foundation established a $5,000 scholarship to be awarded annually to a fourth-year medical student at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

The Academy Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and operates under an established set of Bylaws.

The Academy Foundation is affiliated with the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and is one more way organized medicine reaches out to help meet the community’s needs. Donations to the Academy Foundation are welcome and tax deductible