Foundation Distribution Guidelines

Distribution Guidelines


The Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes.

The Foundation provides assistance to the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati, a 501(c)(6) organization, for purposes that are consistent with the foregoing and provides grants to 501(c)(3) organizations for similar purposes. The following guidelines for granting requests for financial assistance apply to both the Academy and to 501(c)(3) organizations seeking assistance. The guidelines are not intended to be rigid and exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Executive Committee, with the approval of the Board of Trustees. They should, however, be regarded as a general rule in making distributions. The guidelines will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary and current priorities will be established within the confines of the guidelines. The total amount of funds distributed or committed by the Foundation each year is subject to change and may vary as determined by the Foundation trustees.  (Revised September 3, 2010)

All funds received by the Foundation are to be considered unrestricted unless otherwise specified.

Restricted Distributions:

Distribution of restricted funds will be made in accordance with the purposes designated in writing by the donor. If such purposes are no longer relevant, the Executive Committee may allocate the available funds to other purposes as closely related to the donor’s original interests as possible.

Unrestricted Distributions:

The Executive Committee will apportion unrestricted funds to charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, as outlined in the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation.

For the present time, these broad medical categories for financial assistance have been approved by the Board of Trustees: emergency care; child/elderly welfare; public health; education/communication for the public; education and training for health care professionals; and research (applied and basic).

Distributions will be made in compliance with the following guidelines and in a manner believed to be of maximum benefit to the public and health care professionals in Hamilton County, and, in special cases, outside of Hamilton County but within the Greater Cincinnati community:

Submission of Grant Applications:

The following guide should be used when presenting a request for financial assistance. Other materials, such as pamphlets or supporting letters, should not be submitted unless they add materially to the proposal. The following information should be included:

Grant applications are reviewed in September of each year. Applications should be submitted no later than August 15.

Grant applications should be limited to 3 pages (including the application form) and submitted electronically to Nancy Coomer at, or faxed to 513-721-4378. Call 513-421-7010 ext. 307 for questions/additional information.