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Take Care of YOU — August 30

As part of its Working on Wellness (WOW) initiative, the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati is hosting a workshop on self-care on Thursday, August 30. Register now.

Self-care is a critical need in modern life. Chances are you spend less time caring for yourself than others. The fast pace of life, combined with repeated stress in our environment, makes it hard to take the time to support ourselves. It is difficult to be joyful and successful, supportive of positive change in the world, and well-being in others, if we are in pain or in negativity, in body or mind.

To live in good health as you age, and live with ease and well-being today, it is profoundly important to take a little time to care for your body and mind.

Presented by Pooja Malhotra, a yoga therapist with 25 years of experience, this workshop will feature:

  • An introduction to the keys of self-care for your body and mind
  • Useful ways to become aware of your habitual patterns, which can be the roots of many chronic health issues
  • Simple life skills to cultivate the new & effective habits of self-care

Presenter: Pooja Malhotra, C-IAYT, CYT

Pooja is a yoga therapist with 25 years of experience in yoga, mindfulness & meditation. She plays an active role in raising community awareness about health & wellness with educational talks and media contributions. She is also the co-chair of Cincinnati Yoga Association.