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2018 Fifty-Year Physician honorees

During its Annual Meeting on October 2, the Academy of Medicine will once again honor its members who have achieved 50 years in the practice of medicine. This year’s honorees are: Kenneth G. Amend, MD; J. Bhaskaran, MD; Barry A. Blum, MD; Gregory G. Boren, MD; William A. Bramlage, MD; John S. Cohen, MD; Harry F. Fry, MD; Jack M. Gniwesch, MD; Jerome J. Kleinman, MD; George Kranias, MD; Kun Il Lee, MD; John J. McDonough, MD; Marianne McGrath, MD; Richard D. Riedel, MD; Bhanukumar C. Shah, MD; Steven A. Spreen, MD; Eleftherios D. Traiforos, MD; Colin M. Zadikoff, MD. If you have questions or think there is a discrepancy in the list, email the Academy or call 513-421-7010, ext. 307.