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Council election results

Congratulations to the Academy’s newly elected and re-elected Council members —
Dr. LikePresident-elect Anne Like, MD, who specializes in internal medicine & occupational medicine, affiliated with The Christ Hospital, Procter & Gamble, and the University of Cincinnati Occupational Medicine Residency Program; along with Councilors
Gregory Kennebeck, MD, an internist with UC Health;
Kathleen O’Leary, MD, who specializes in obstetrics/gynecology & reproductive endocrinology/infertility with the Institute for Reproductive Health;
O’dell Owens, MD, a retired reproductive endocrinologist who is president & CEO of Interact for Health; and
Rebecca Short, MD, a dermatologist with TriHealth Physician Partners.
These physicians will join the current returning Council members to form the 2020-2021 Council.
Returning members include: President E. Wyman Morriss, MD; Past President Matthew Hardin, MD; Councilors Barry Brook, MD; Joseph Cheng, MD, Becky McGilligan, MD; Adam Miller, MD; Christopher Paprzycki, MD; and Michael Schoech, MD.

Installation ceremonies will be held virtually on September 16. Register now to attend the virtual meeting.