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Get Involved with Academy Workgroups

teamworkThe Academy of Medicine has formed workgroups to address its key initiatives for 2018. Academy Council members will be serving on the groups and all Academy members are invited to join them. The groups and their current members are:

Physician Wellness – Regina Whitfield-Kekessi, MD (chair); Anne Like, MD; and Gregory Rouan, MD; Rajbir Minhas, MD

Political & Professional Advocacy – Marvin Rorick, MD (chair); Elizabeth Muennich, MD; Rajbir Minhas, MD; Matthew Hardin, MD; Regina Whitfield-Kekessi, MD; Sophia Tang; Kate Meizlish

Dispute Resolution/Legal Practice Issues – Carol Egner, MD (chair); E. Wymann Morriss, MD

Educational Activities – Barry Brook, MD (chair); Laura Trice, MD; Ronald Merkel, MD; Lisa Haglund, MD; Matthew Hardin, MD; Gregory Rouan, MD

Social Activities – Adam Miller, MD (chair); Anne Like, MD; Elizabeth Muennich, MD; E. Wymann Morriss, MD; Lisa haglund, MD; Gregory Rouan, MD

If you are interested in serving or need more information, contact Academy Executive Director Natalie Peterson by email, call 513-421-7010 (ext. 333), or contact a committee member.